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Adm Ward

About Me

Adam M Ward is a renowned expert in transformation, innovation, process improvement, and operational excellence, based in the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area. With a career spanning over 25 years, Adam has amassed a wealth of experience across various industries, from grassroots positions to executive leadership roles.

"Work with me for an hour or several year. Orgs count on me to help them to do one thing: identify and disrupt the status quo within their organization--to unlock innovation and lead the transformation."

Adam has Deep expertise in lean startup, lean product development, agile, design thinking, design for six sigma and other proprietary methodologies.

Completely Engage

The worst thing in the world is to listen a boring speaker.  Time is our most precious commodity and who we let have access to our auditory attention is critical. Adam knows that and uses techniques to captivate and engage the listener where they are.

It's never Adam's goal to hear, "Your speech was amazing!" His goal is always to hear, "That speech changed my life/the way I think/what I'm going to do." The way he speaks from the stage allows each audience member to deeply think and personally apply what they are make their life and the lives of those around them better.


Best Selling Author

Adam is a Best-selling author of “Lean Design in Healthcare,” a fable about establishing systematic innovation in health systems.

Personal Interests


Outside of his professional endeavors, Adam is a dedicated athlete and has completed multiple Ironman triathlons.

High State Energy

Adam brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to the stage. Audience members are drawn in by his inspirational stories and simple explanations.

He brings a humble confidence that people can connect with and learn from. Adam always says, "You just need one great takeaway to make listening to me worth your time." He's serious about that and forces the audience to dig inside to find what they need to do once they leave the auditorium.

Download One Sheet & Headshots Here

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