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Adam has a unique talent combination of the purpose of innovation and its execution. Highly recommend his book "Lean Design in Healthcare."

Jeff C

Chief Innovation Officer

Adam is a unique talent in that he brings that rare combination of expertise, experience, process discipline, creativity, innovation, and fun. His passion for innovation is infectious.

John N

Board Member

He helped both executive leadership and developers see new possibilities for improved work flow, understanding of customer value and product innovation.

Chris L

VP of Engineering

Adam is an experienced and skilled innovation leader who has experience in many industries. His insights connecting provide fresh thinking and lead to effective change. 

Dr Paul D

Author and Speaker

Adam is compassionate and skilled healthcare leader who helps healthcare leaders and organizations become the best they can be.

Dr Byron S

Board Director

Creative, inspiring, and driven as an individual in his work and life,  Adam's presence in front of clients and team members is engaging. His strong character provides him the opportunity to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

John G

Leadership Coach & Podcaster

5 star rating

 I had the pleasure and honor to work with Adam and found him to be a brilliant and personable individual.

Kim C

Executive Consultant

you might be lucky to count on one hand, a few individuals who are truly thoughts leaders in their industry of practice. Adam is one of those individuals

Doug D

VP Construction

Adam has deep knowledge and great ability to guide clients through the discovery of their current development process state and to the path towards an improvement. 

Daniel C

Agile/Lean Coach

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