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A best-selling author, innovation expert, business coach, and motivational speaker trusted by companies and their employees all over the U.S., Adam has delivered countless workshops, speeches and consultations. If you're looking to break through the status quo, look no further.

Trusted By The World's Most Influential Brands


Meet Adam

Strategy & Innovation


Work with me for an hour or several year. Orgs count on me to help them to do one thing: identify and disrupt the status quo within their organization--to unlock innovation and lead the transformation.


Adam is unafraid to explore, arrange, and test new ways of bringing people together to produce ideas not yet thought achievable. He brings out the best in people...encouraging creative opportunities to grow.

Jana B

Healthcare Executive

 It was a pleasure and honor to work with Adam. He is a brilliant and personable individual with high levels of self-motivation that pushes teams to achieve high quality results in record time.

Kim C

Executive Coach

Adam has deep knowledge and a great ability to guide clients thought the discovery of their current processes and to the path towards improved performance.

Dan C

Product Developer

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